Over the years, The Sweet Adventures of Diego and Authors, has grown to be something of much more significance than of what it originally began as. As the comic rose to super stardom, many of the authors/comic artists of the comic branched out with the Diegoian heritage still in mind. Some of these comics made by these Diegoians, were closely related to the original TSAODAA. Some were cannons, sequels, spin offs, alt. timeline comics, and even high affiliates. Here are a list of these said comics:

Name: SMF & Sanchez: Liserg's Inside Story
Description: A Spin off of the comic, starring two of the original comic's authors: SMF & Blitz.

Name: The Sweet Adventures of Diego and Authors: Back to the Roots
Description: A direct sequel to the comic, however it is more like a spin-off. It takes place right after the ehttp://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=74320 events of the clone wars, and is hence an alternative timeline.

Name: Back To Diego
Description:A short lived comic about time travel, and Liserg's plot to prevent the Diegoians from ever meeting.

Name: Team Diego 2
Description:A short lived collab comics between some of the Diegoians playing Team Fortress 2 in a virtual world.