After my latest comic, the following happens?: Diego Calls An Emergency Meeting In The House. He says that he prophesizes that some great catastrophe will strike the clubhouse which will result in the deaths of him, as well as all of the other Diegoians. He tells everyone to be weary, and be on the look-out for anything suspicious.
Newcomers enter the house for the first time. Among them are Meep's Minions (who are evil and plotting to kill Snap,) as well as 2 MEMBERS OF "The Villain Team (CALLED "UNITED REBELLION") consisting of (Baller, Miriam, Sabre, JUBEI etc.)The 2 villain MEMBERS pose as "servants" to the clubhouse, and treat Diego luxuriously, trying to gain his trust AND RELIEVE HIM OF HIS WORRIES (THE TWO THAT'LL BE THE SERVANTS WILL BE JUBEI AND MIRIAM) .
Hilary, worried that Sanchez is still angry @ her for kissing Liserg, attempts to find him. When she does, her worries are indeed confirmed, as he is still pissed as hell, and persuades the other authors at the clubhouse to shun her. This leads to her leaving the clubhouse for a time being.
Hilary considers going back to the clubhouse, but when she does, she over-hears the baller, miriam, sabre, JUBEI etc. talking about how they secretly plan to gain Diego's trust to ultimately kidnap him. She wants to tell the others, but fears if she goes back in, no one will listen to her.
PRINCE CLAUDIO (who's sprites you are supposably working on,) emerges in Bean Bean and tries to persuade Hilary to come with him to his kingdom to lose her worries about Sanchez and the clubhouse. Hilary considers it, but doesn't leave yet.
A few days into Diego week, Sanchez has second feelings about Hilary, and tries to find her, ultimately to find her packing her bags preparing to leave with PRINCE CLAUDIO. He will not allow Sanchez near Hilary, and challenges him to a best of five duel, which PRINCE CLAUDIO WRITES A FULL REQUEST ABOUT WHICH ALSO EXPLAINS THE RULES OF IT to Queen Leona, in which she aprroves.
After 4 out of the five duels (and the evening before the final day of Diego week,) Liserg re-emerges and kidnaps Diego, He threatens to kill Diego if Leona does not grant him control over the kingdom. The Diegoians go and save Diego, kicking Liserg's ass.
After this happens, the diegoians think they're safe, when they're not. The OTHER 2 OF THE team of villains(SABRE AND BALLER) secretly ask Liserg to make a clone Diego that they can use to replace the real diego, (who they plan on killing.) Liserg does just this, and the villains kidnap Diego ON THE LAST DAY OF DIÉGO WEEK and bring him to a cave, leaving LISERG'S CLONE diego to watch the last best of five duel.
Sanchez LOSES TO PRINCE CLAUDIO in the 5th best of 5 duel. CLAUDIO LEAVES,PRIVATELY TELLING SANCHEZ THAT NEXT TIME HE RETURNS, HE'LL BE AFTER HILARY'S HAND IN MARRIAGE. Hilary( OR IT COULD BE SOMEONE ELSE) REALISES AND TELLS the others that the diego watching the fight is in-fact a clone, HILARY TELLS THEM that the team of villains have capture the real diego and plan to kill him, THEN MENTIONS WHERE HE IS BEING HELD. The authors hurry to the cave where the team of villains are holding Diego, and just when they plan to kill him, Hilary yells "NOW DIEGO" and then diego explodes, killed instantly.
Everyone is taken back by surprise, including the team of villains who flee, but after the villains flee, Hilary informs the Diegoians that this was infact another clone, that Diego had created the night before, learning from Hilary (who had snuck in the clubhouse with the help of snap,) that the villains planned to kill him. Diego was secretly hid away in his labratory.
As the diegoians arrive home to the clubhouse, Hilary and Sanchez are re-united(BUT AS FRIENDS). The real (and finally real) diego emerges from a secretly new-built in labratory, and tells the others that the event has been avoided, (as it says so in the cobalt star.) Diego week comes to a close, but just when everything seems so bright, they find out two things.
One, Snap's son "Oswald" has been captured by Meep's Minions (who had posed as Diego authors.) He and a couple of other authors track them down, and fight them along with Wiggin Meep- their leader, in an effort to safe Oswald.
Two, Sabre (leader of the team of villains) re-emerges to steal an item from The Bean Bean Museum. Queen Leona informs Diego and crew of this, who agree to go track him down. (This leads to the next plot.)
This is just a basic outline. Cman and I added some stuff in there, just tell us if we missed anything. If this is the plot, please follow it, as Cman will be going it as well as myself, and he doesn't have the best communication at the time being. Other authors are free to have their own character's side plots and what not.